Computer doesn't start Motherboard or Power Supply?

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Jan 21, 2005
  1. Smartmike

    Smartmike TS Rookie Posts: 49

    Hello I built a computer and I can help. Simply open up your computer. Touch the chassis ( this is to lose static electricity in your hand). Now disconnect and reconnect the power supply from the motherboard. This worked when keyboard mouse and monitor wasn't working.
  2. qqbmed

    qqbmed TS Rookie

    Similar Problem...
    CPU overheated and shut itself down. Screen said something about a thermal shutdown.
    I replaced the fan that I had put in 4 mos.
    ago thinking it was that because of the same error that I rec'd at that time.

    After replacing the fan this time, when the power button is pushed. Nada....

    I'm leaning that it is the PS but what bothers me is when the power cord is plugged in and the PS switch is in the
    ON position. The little green light
    on the motherboard near the PS harness
    lights up.

    So that makes me think the MB is gone.
    Any thoughts?
  3. DENEK

    DENEK TS Rookie

    Mobo problem

    I have same problem, green light is on, fan is working, video card as well but computer doesn't start.
    What could be the solution???
  4. jmarpel

    jmarpel TS Rookie

    computer doesn't start no power to motherboard

    i flipped the lil red switch on my power supply does that fry the motherboard? was that an ***** move?
  5. Smartmike

    Smartmike TS Rookie Posts: 49


    Just flip it back to the lower number I think its 115 or something like that. I don't think it can do much harm to newer style computers.Its a different voltage setting...Does your computer work pass that issue?
  6. dabbletech

    dabbletech TS Rookie

    Thanks to Dcrewchief's comment from way back in 2005, I was able to "fix" our son's computer which emitted burning odor after he broke off the plugs on one USB front panel port. Removed ribbon connector from mother board to the damaged USB port, and computer again works like a charm! Fortunately, the back USB ports still work.

    Many, many thx!!!!!

    "Dcrewchief - 01-26-2005, 08:33 PM - try unplugging your front usb ports from the header pins on motherboard and see it powers up. just a thought maybe it will work."
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