Computer Fails To Boot

By Sam =)
Aug 5, 2007
  1. Please take the time and read below computer experts:

    Well this started when I was playing cs 1.6 in my room. From time to time my moniter would cut of and I would have to wiggle the blue cord to get it back on. After A while the moniter didnt cut on. I thought i could replace the display adapter easy or install a new graphics card but I couldnt. They said I would need to replace the whole motherboard. Well I had money at the time and I wanted to upgrade my computer to plsy Countet Strike:Source So I bought the new video card. Some workers said that i would reconize it and i wouldnt have to replce the moher board but others said did need to replace it. So it didnt reconize it so I got a new mother board (Same exact one) but I still have this problem I boot up my computer and the screen light id on but it stays blank. My dad was saying maybe I zapped te motherboard which imsure i didnt because the mouse was working when i plugged it in. So anyways I had money add te time I wanted to go on and upgrade my computer. I bought s 450W power suply and a nvidia geforce 6200. Now as time passed i hin i figured out the problem. My processor wasnt working. I did not here any type of beep in the beginning of the boot. So I try aking the processor out another computer and see what hapins. I guess I was right tha exact computer was doing the same thing. So now Im try to get another 512mb ram stick and a better processor for my computer. By the way I have an hp pavillion a 287x( And I would like to know if their is anyone out their who could help fix this problem. And help me upgrade my computer. My motherboard:ms-6390 [​IMG]

    Motherboard specifications table
    Part/Feature Specification
    Motherboard description Manufacturer's name - MS-6390
    HP/Compaq name - Crossfire

    Motherboard supplier MSI
    System BIOS supplier MSI/AWARD
    Form factor uATX
    Processor brand AMD
    Processor socket type Socket A (PGA462)
    Processor family Athlon, AthlonXP, Duron
    Processor FSB frequency Advanced 266/200MHa=z
    Chipset name KM266
    Chipset "North Bridge" KM266
    Chipset "South Bridge" 8235
    Super I/O and revision Winbond, rev. W83697HF
    Flash BIOS device Xbus 2 Mb
    Memory type DDR
    Memory speed PC2100/PC1600
    Memory sockets Two DDR DIMMs (184-pin)
    Maximum memory 1 GB
    Graphics supplier VIA-S3
    Graphics configuration Up/Down
    Onboard graphics memory UMA 32 MB
    Graphics connector AGP 4X
    TV-out device No
    TV-out configuration No
    Audio AC'97 Down
    AC'97 CODEC device Realtek ALC650
    Audio jacks Microphone, Line-in, Line-Out, MIDI/Game
    External audio connectors No
    Ethernet 10/100 LAN supplier VIA VT6103
    Ethernet configuration Integrated, Down
    IDE UDMA modes ATA-133/100/66/33
    Expansion slots AGP, Three PCI
    USB ports Six USB 2.0
    USB Front/Back options Two front+Four back
    External ports One serial, One parallel, One floppy, One PS/2 keyboard, One PS/2 mouse
    Serial port front chassis option No
    Available manufacturer options Graphics down, Lan down, Audio down, Sound down

    I would also like to know if this ram stick is compatible to my motherboar/computer. (Clicky!!)
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    Just guessing here, because of limited information, but you changed the motherboard while keeping the hard drive as installed with HP software?
    If so, Windows has determined that you have made a major change, and no longer have the eeprom that has the HP Pavilion Tattoo for that model.
    So it won't boot due to not having an official HP motherboard. Don't blame HP, this is a Microsoft issue.
    Microsoft's official position is that the operating system dies with the motherboard.
    Windows is designed to detect any changes to hardware configuration, then will usually refuse to start.

    Other causes:
    Bad memory, bad hard drive, bad video graphics port, bad power supply will all cause these signs and symptom.s
  3. Tedster

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  4. raybay

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    But since Sam =) reports that he has replaced the power supply with a 450 watt, perhaps the problem is elsewhere.
    Since "they" said to replace the motherboard, he Sam =) did so, it might be helpful to know more about this advice... and whether a board was obtained from HP, or other details. Also, how did he determine the processor was not working?
    What has been done to diagnose memory, video, processor, power switch, hard drive?
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