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Computer freezes in certain areas of a game

By deadbasher
Jun 4, 2010
  1. I know it sounds wierd but its happening..... my computer will freeze and my dvd will corrupt and make a sound and after that I cant do ANYTHING. I had a friend of mine who help me build my computer come over and help me fix it, when he put his ram in it worked fine, but than again i didn't check all of the areas that made it freeze...I checked 2 games and they didn't freeze in those 2 areas so I thought hmm it works! But unfortunately it still freezes in some parts of the game of which I never checked. when I put my new one in that i just bought today it worked fine, no freezing no nothing. Now it just froze again! Same spots. I bought 4gb ram 8500 gaming ram, its good ram. In example when I play WoW it only freezes in night elf starting area and other places like Warsong Gulch and some random zones like hinterlands and in 1 lil zone in swamp of sorrows only when I walk there. I reinstalled wow I reinstalled OS, I did everything. It's a hardware problem. It's also doing it to a game called FSX when I take off from Juliana airport it only does it ummmm Napolean total war it does it randomly that I see. It doesn't overheat its cool when i check it, I got a nice cpu fan that keeps it cool at around 9c. I'm sure it does it to other games that have incredible amount of 3D Action. It doesn't do it to like my splinter cell games that i play, its just wierd it freezes on specific games and i know theres more out there that if i played them they would freeze. I also tried running the computer without the dvd drive in because when it freezes the dvd drive makes a sound like it shuts off but it still works fine after it makes the noise, meaning i can open it while the computers frozen...... might be a power supply problem, i dont think so.

    I could really use some help no one can help me solve this mystery diagnosis.


    2x2gb OCZ 8500

    9400 GT Nvidia

    AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+ Socket AM2 (940)

    Windows 7 64 BIT

    -Could it be the motherboard corrupting something like the ram/graphics card
    -Could it be any type of hardware problem
    -Could it be a software problem
    -Could it be FIXED!!!!
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    Did you put in first tier RAM or Value Select or other low cost RAM... are all memory modules matched?
  3. deadbasher

    deadbasher TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Memory modules match, i got 2x2gb 8500 of OCZ. I dont know where to do the ram/value select, and to be honest I have no idea what you mean by first tier ram or Value Select etc....

    Ok another wierd moment just happened, I never really went into all the spots. But so far a place that I froze in before is not freezing (Warsong Gulch) neither is my Flight Simulator X game.... But when I log in as a Night-elf and play in there starting area it freezes... lol I have noooooo idea and NapoleanTotal War still freezes.
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