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Dec 7, 2007
  1. Ok I am at a complete lost, my moms PC just started Freezing/lagging really bad. It only happens when you try and use stuff like youtube, Java games, any game, Limewire anything.. When you have Winamp turned on It starts skipping the music, but will continue to play. but you cant do nothing for at least 2 to 3 minutes. Than it will run fine for about 5 to 10.. All I know is she has a P4 1.5 512MB ram, 40gb HD, 16Mb nvidia vanta. I have done all the normal Trogan/Virus scans and it shows up all clear.. Any Ideas on whats going on ?
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    With regards to your problem, it sounds to me as though you've gotten a virus or other malware over Limewire. P2P is infamous for being the easiest way to contract malware.

    Please read this thread If your system is infected, read this before deciding whether to Clean or Format.

    If you decide to clean your system, follow these instructions Virus/Spyware/Malware, preliminary removal instructions and post fresh HJT, Combofix, and AVG Antispyware logs as attachments to this thread as well as the result of the Panda Antirootkit scan.

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    The only process that really confuses me is Rundll32.exe every time I end the process it just comes back. But the computer still works when I end it.. As far as other processes, Iexplore, and MSN and stuff are the only ones that use alot of resources. I have tried not turning them on. But it still does the same. So could this Rundll32 be somewhat of the trouble ?
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    If it's just "idling", nothing should be using CPU, maybe a couple of percent here & there.

    Some Viruses will exploit Rundll.32 {it's an essential Windows Service}.

    Have U tried that Process XP and seen if it will give a hint as to what is exploiting it?
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    She has about 10 too many processes running! 46 are being shown- I have 30 & 36 on two computers. The only processes I have on Startup are my anti-virus program, firewall, network and touchpad (on laptop)_. So boot time is minimal and performance is fast.

    When you prepare a system for shutdown, the only things showing in the Task Manager should be AV, firewall, touchpad if needed and network process if there is s network set up. The only process showing should be System, System Idle, tskmag, touchpad, network to = 100%

    Game sand videos use a lot of resources. Causes for the freezes can best be examined in the Event Viewer. This contains logs all system and apps transactions and included Information, Warnings and Errors/

    Follow this path:
    Control Panel Administrative Tools> Event Viewer> Click on System & Apps, one at a time on the left> look for Errors on the right> right click error> Properties> note description of error, Event# and Source.

    There is a "copy" button below the up/down arrows. Click that, then go to any place that allows you to type (ie. notepad, wordpad, this board) and you can paste (use CTRL-V) the entire event details there. It makes for easy reporting of the event.

    If you want to paste the Event here, you do not need to include the lines of code that follow the Description- but paste all else. You will be looking for Error that occurs at the time of the problem. Please ignore Warnings.
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