Computer Freezing, programs like Steam not opening

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I've been having programs with my computer freezing at random times and making me have to restart it manually, and Steam not working - it just isn't loading. Can anyone help?


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ok first off, i cant help you with the random freezing, but i did have problems with steam like you, what i did was save the entire steam folder to another hard drive, then deleted it from the hardrive on my computer, then i trasfered it back and the freezing just went away, dont know how it fixed it, but steam works like it should, hope this is a little usefull


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Can anyone help?

Not without something to go on! No system specs including RAM, OS. No details of freeze. If you don't have enough RAM, if you don't do regular maintenance on the system, if you don't protect it with updated security programs, it's not going to work.

Details please.
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