Computer Frezes During Game Play

By Rob2791
Mar 30, 2006
  1. I just baught a new computer-amd Athlon64 3700 with a asus k8n sli motherboard and when ever i start a game like roller coaster 3 or Lock On and some others about 20 minutes into the game the whoel computer task manger says 100% cpu..should such a strong processor be peaked at 100%?? i just formated again and it still is frezzing...any ideas??

    Thanks Rob
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  3. Rob2791

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    I looked at that page and still cant figure out wut the heck is wrong....I downloaded SpeedFan and it says that chip LM75 is 259 degress Farinheight on Bus nForce2 SMbus....thats pretty high iv got 2 case fans (one blowing air in and one blowing air out) iv got my processor fan and a fan on my video card..inside my case it reads abotu 85 degrees F. my voltage seems to be good. it isnt only games i noticed, the higher the cpu process is the faster it frezzes. and were talking about a total computer lock mouse or keyboard respons at all... could it be that the temp of that BUS is causing this and if how would i fix that...any ideas would be greatly helpful...
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