Computer is on Light is showing. There is no content on the Sony Vaio VGN-NS21Z


Laptop Sony VGN-NS21Z

I have a big problem with the Sony VGN-NS21Z computer

The problem is as follows:

When I turn on the laptop, only a power light appears, nothing appears in the content screen, it does not appear at all

I made sure of these things

1. RAM cleaned and working.

2. A screen that you have confirmed is on.

3. New and existing thermal paste.

Someone tells me a problem with the ic, Chipset or Bios

If it is a problem from the ic, Chipset, and Bios, where exactly are they located on this computer?

Note, when I want a laptop to turn off, I keep holding the power button. The laptop does not turn off completely until I remove the battery. This is something that happened after this problem.

Wait for solutions, thanks

Mark Fuller

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Toggle the lcd on off switch by pressing the fn key on the lower left and f7 key simultaneously. If that doesn't work then you can be in for some serious troubleshooting. Also, you might try to see if it will work with an external monitor if available. Keep me posted.


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We don't know if you have been running this laptop for many years or if you picked it up recently at a bargain price. I'd start by checking that the psu is working properly. So long as you use the correct mains adapter a laptop will boot up even if the battery is dead.

Mark Fuller

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Do you hear any sounds when you press the power key or do you get any other lights on the keyboard like number lock or WiFi? And when you say the laptop stays on till you take out the battery, do you know this because the power light remains illuminated?