Computer keeps crashing

  1. My computer keeps crashing!:'( I have a fairly new windows HP. And for abou a month it was fine. But then it started just crashing. It turned black all of a sudden. This only happens when I am playing games like wizard101 or star wars battlefront or something like that it happens within about 30 mins of playing the game. Recently I was running a simple app and it crashed again! It never turns off on the internet though. I my air vents are clean there is no accumalated dust in there, and I have checked my ram which is also fine. When It turns back on (after a few hours or so) it's pretty much like it's restarted. It is hot after it crashes, but it cools down very soon after that. If I try to turn it on again, the power button lights up for a few seconds, and then shuts off. Help me someone1
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    " I have a fairly new windows HP" If it is still under warranty, have it serviced. Some hardware has failed

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