Computer Keeps Rebooting... :(

By ryan_english
Dec 14, 2005
  1. Okay, I have two computers a p2 (ALI M1542a) ibm and an Acer p3 (M11E)

    Both were working perfectly, but a friend wanted me to take his motherboard because he had no use for it (AK74 Rev A2) so I put it all together and threw in just 1 stick of 128 sdram and it sounded like it was booting but wouldn't pick up the graphics card (ATI 3d rage pro) just to see if it would work.
    The monitor light didn't change from yellow to green...

    So then i went to boot up my Acer, after throwing back in the one stick that i took out (which was in the last slot) and now the computer will NOT boot the keyboard lights flash and then they flash again, and again, etc.

    Also, I tested all three sticks of ram in my p2 one by one and they work fine.
    i found no leak in any capacitor, and i tried everything i can think of.

    can any body help me please!?

  2. kimbo.ati

    kimbo.ati TS Rookie Posts: 135

    Have you tried :

    Reseting the cmos
    unplug everything that is not nesasary for the computer to boot(hdd,cd,case fans, ETC)
    make sure the motherboard is rasied off the case using the risers
    try running the computer outside of the case
    change psu's
    try different g-fx card

    thats all i can think of :angel:

    hope it helps,
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