Computer keeps shuting off

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Dec 6, 2007
  1. I was on my computer last night and it just shut off. There was alot of wires underneath my desk and I did stretched my legs before it shut off. Anyways when I go to turn my computer it turns on as normal and stays on for a minute then shuts off. Sometimes it shuts off a few seconds after I turn it on. It did some beeps too. I dont know whats going on. Can you help?
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    The beeps are quite important... They will differ depending on what motherboard and BIOS is in your computer... but they tell a lot.
    Most often, beeps relate to Memory or the Video graphics card, but can be as simple as a cable that has worked its way loose, dirt and hair on the cpu fan or elsewhere causing cooling issues.
    Any failed or failing component can cause the computer to shut down.

    First, I would open the case, and look toward the center of the motherboard for a brand or model number. The maker of the board may also be posted on the edge... Or just tell us the brand and model of the computer... and we can help you track down the beep codes.

    Listen very carefully for the beep codes that occur from a cold boot... We need to know how many short and long beeps, and the order in which they occur. Write them down until you get them right.
    Post them here.
  3. Smartmike

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    It doesnt beep anymore it just keeps shuting off. I want to know if the PSU is the promblem or not.
  4. raybay

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    It could be the power supply, but you cannot know unless you change out the power supply, or buy a power supply tester. There is nothing you have told us that helps us help you.
    Repeated shut-offs have about 11 different causes.
  5. Smartmike

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    I fixed it

    Hello again, I fixed the problem I bought a new PSU(Power Supply Unit) and my computer stays on now. I busted the other one by snagging the cord with my shoe. I hope this info will help anyone with a similar problem. Thanks for your help.
  6. raybay

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    Thanks for taking the time to update us.
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