Computer locking up watching video

By Nxtar
Jul 19, 2010
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  1. hey guys I have been having this ussue for a few days now. Any time I try and watch any form of video I get about 5 - 15 mins into it and the computer locks up without warning. When it occures the screen shows pixelated outlines of the charactes / actors, while the sound continues for about 20 seconds after the pixels show up then it completely locks up. After rebooting windows theres no error message displayed other then the usual "windows was not shut down properly." I have tried running games and bench marks fo try trigger the effect but it only happens while watching a video. I also tried different media players like VLC, nero showtime and vision, windows media player, divx, quicktime and itunes but same result everytime without fail. If sys specs are needed they are listed on the drop bar and on the profile of this account.

    Thanks in advance and look forward to resolving this issue

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