Computer not turning on

By odin673
Jun 23, 2005
  1. I was repairing a computer for a friend. We had to replace the mobo/ power supply. I initially had it booting to windows and it was at the activation screen. I left it for about a week(not on) and since then had to disconnect the power switch/power led and hdd led. Now the computer won't turn on at all(I reconnected the leds and switches). The mobo light comes on but nothing else happens. The computer is a POS celeron on a Intel D845GVSR. I had to remove the switches because the power button got stuck in.
  2. Rik

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    First, u need to test the power supply, you can do this by disconnecting it from the mobo and shorting the green wire to one of the blacks. It should power up fully asif the mobo was connected, if so, then the psu is ok. Next, make sure there are no loose screws in the case, i'd take the mobo out and power it up by placing it ontop of the antistatic bag it came in. Try these and let me know what happens and i will do my best to help. Rik.
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    Sometimes I have seen this type of problem where the battery that keeps the Bios ticking over dies or just is very low. Check the battery. If it is not putting out 3 volts then change it. You may have to reset the bios by using the jumper that is made for this our just leave the battery out about 30 min. There is a small capacitor that keeps thing going when the battery is being replaced.
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    This thread is 16months old!!

    I posted in one or two old threads when I first joined Techspot, until it was pointed out to me lol.

    Regards Howard :)
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