Computer randomly powering down within few seconds

By Unicon
Jun 6, 2005
  1. i got a new motherboard its a asus p4p800x and my computer randomly shuts down after around 30ish or so seconds for no reason im curious what could cause such a problem it does it in bios/windows or any activity you do.

    my full computer specs are

    p4p800x motherboard
    p4EE 3.0gighz w/ ht
    2 512 ocz 400mhz pc3200 ddr ram
    128mb ati radeon 9200
    2 hd's 20gig WD and 200gig WD
    cdrw 32x 8x 32x
    3-1/2 floppy
    onboard sound

    hope one of you guys/girls can help solve my problem ty
  2. Peerob

    Peerob TS Rookie Posts: 26

    I had similar problems and by disabling utilities one by one I was able to narrow it down to the SmartDrive programm for my video card. It is not neccessary so I disabled it anyway. I found out it was down to a weak PSU - 450w but weak on the 12v rail - only 13A.

    I would check your psu but before then try going into safe mode and disabling all unneccesary software and then enable it bit by bit until you find the culprit.

    Do you get any beep codes?

    what is the full spec on the psu?
  3. Unicon

    Unicon TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well i found the problem it was my brothers fault the heatsink wasnt fully ontop of my CPU when i was pulling it apart to see serial number's ect i saw that 1 of the 4 clamps were not locked down firmly so i reseted them and it booted up fine and it wasnt any hardware issues because i detached it all and it would poof shut off on its own still was driven me nuts but i found a post on a diffrent msg board that was similar to my own case and turned out that was it when i booted it back up it stayed on

    next goal.. finding my xp cd ^^
  4. Peerob

    Peerob TS Rookie Posts: 26

    Have you tried looking in the desk drawers? that's where I usually find them.
    Or possibly in a wrong case? :haha:
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