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Hello Techspot. I have a problem with my computer. Yesterday it worked just fine - but today when I turned it on, it keeps rebooting every 5 sec.. the screen is black all the time. It has happened before, but I was able to solve the problem by removing the cmos battery and putting it back in. It usually happens when I plug the powercord out and have to start it after putting it back in.

I tried switing out ram blocks, resetting the cmos battery, I even tried starting the computer without the any ram blocks or battery.

Any thoughts on this? I tried pretty much everything I had in mind.
Oh and if this helps, I just formatted the computer with windows xp yesterday.. it worked fine, but today it just keeps rebooting every 5 secs. So it's not a system error.
The motherboard is:
Gigabyte P35DQ6


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Try replacing the motherboard battery.

Did you try booting with only a single stick of memory installed in the first memory slot? It could also be a power supply issue. If you have a spare working PSU put it in the system and see if it POSTs.
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