Computer seriously damaged

By niyou77
May 7, 2009
  1. I've tried everything to my ability besides this, and I need serious help. Pretty much every program I try to run crashes in some way or form. If I try to attach a file to an email, the browser crashes. If I try to send an email, the browser crashes. Files download at about 1 bit per second. Norton crashes when I try to run a scan. I was lucky enough to still have had HijackThis still downloaded. I wont be able to run anything else unless I get another program downloaded on someone else's computer and on a flash drive, so if you can help, try downloads as a last resort. I've run virus scans on a separate account, I've done a defrag, and I've done a Spybot search and removed all threats, but the problem is still around. This may be linked to an incident in which my sister took the laptop with her in her car without turning it off. I know this damages the hard drive, but she didn't. I would post the HJ log, but it appears to take up more space than can fit in a post. I'll try to host it somewhere else so you guys could look at it. Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: Notepad seems to crash every time I try to save the log file. Is there any way to post the log in a post without overloading the character limit?
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    this is a Kimsland question if i ever heard one.
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