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Jun 15, 2010
  1. Hey. I have recently acquired a problem when I leave my computer on, it will shutdown in about 15 minutes when the screensaver comes on. It will also boot up again, but it says there is a boot disk error, and it won't find my hard drive until I swap the sata port. I thought it was a heat issue, I do have fans to cool it. I thought it might be my graphics card, so I purchased a new one (which I wanted to do), I even changed my power supply to a bigger wattage. I am tempted of getting a motherboard which I don't want to do it's my last resort. Is it a virus or malware? Or do I have to replace the motherboard? Or is it something else?
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    Try updating the motherboard's bios first. You can find the bios file on the computer manufactures support website
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    Any update?

    1. Have you checked your hard drive?
    - When rebooting the PC, do you have the problem consistently?
    - If so, have you looked in the BIOS to see if the HD is even registering in there?
    - Do you get any warnings?
    - Do you have SMART enabled for the drives? I did have a problem where one of my HDs
    was marginal and would only be detected on boot-up sometimes.

    2. From your description, it sounds like the PC is either shutting down completely, or going to
    sleep. What power saving profile do you have?
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    I used seatools diagnostic for the hard drive. Aparrently there are errors, so I'm getting a new hard drive, and maybe that will fix it. I always have to shut off my computer, or it will shut down and reboot and it won't find the hard drive, and it wants a boot disk, when that happens I turn it off, change the sata cable to a different port?/plug-in location, then it finds my hard drive and it starts up fine. I used to have always on for power. I tried changing that, I tried changing my screensaver settings. I'm pretty sure it's my hard drive, or motherboard. I'm not sure about SMART for the drive? what does that do?
  5. ded2day

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    The motherboard's bios is the most current I think.
  6. ded2day

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    So just an update. I put in a new hard drive, installed win XP, and everything seems to be working fine for now. Thanx.
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