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By Schniz2
Jun 29, 2010
  1. Running Windows XP on a 3Ghz P4 with 1.5G RAM with ~40GB free on boot drive.
    In the past month my computer has become really slow... taking about twice as long to boot up and open programs... wondering if it could be my HDD on its way out or a malware issue... other than slow operation there are no error messages... occasionally computer freezes during gaming however i dont think its a related issue.
    Using Eset Smart Security (i realise it updates and runs a startup scan which slows boot a little bit), have run ccleaner, malwarebytes, spybot etc... found nothing. attatched HJT log.
    Considering reinstall of windows again, however shuddering at the though if how many windows updates it will need.. my xp is ~5yrs old :(. Maybe its time for a new computer *sigh*

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  2. Bobbye

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    There are a lot of reasons for a slow computer besides malware.The only 'slow' we do in this forum is when it's related to malware. Since you mention all your scans have come out clean, put the words 'slow computer' in TechSpot search and you're find a lot of help.

    We can't screen for malware with HijackThis.
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