Computer Stuck in Restart Loop; Can't Access Safe Mode

By LoneSword
Oct 30, 2013
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  1. So just the other day, I got the old familiar BSOD. Since I had close to a million tabs open in Google Chrome, I have an idea of how it probably happened.

    The problem, however, is this: when the computer inevitably restarted, after the "Starting Windows" screen, it went dark, and then suddenly it was rebooting all over again. Basically, every time I try booting Windows, it just restarts - again and again.

    I tried to access Safe Mode to perhaps troubleshoot the problem, scan for viruses/malware or what have you, but the snag is, Windows automatically brings up the screen to select whether or not I'd like to Start Windows Normally or Launch Startup Repair. This has wholly prevented me from accessing Safe Mode via F8. Startup Repair is totally useless to me - Scan and Fix just sits there, loading until the end of time; my hard drive is old and semi-faulty, so for some reason System Recovery doesn't seem to work (never has); and I don't have a disk image saved. So pretty much I'm SOL unless I can find a way to boot successfully and troubleshoot from there.

    Is there any way I can access Safe Mode via the Command Prompt or something? I feel like if I can just get Windows to boot properly, I can troubleshoot the problem from there. I'm running Windows 7 on an ASUS laptop. Any and all advice on this situation would be appreciated. Thanks very much in advance.
  2. Tmagic650

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    Sounds like the hard drive has failed. You may be able to recover some data or pictures if you remove the hard drive and buy a new one. Install Windows fresh on the new drive and place the old hard drive in an external USB enclosure and try to recover the files that way
  3. Saira

    Saira TS Rookie

    I second Tmagic650's comment.

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