Computer switches off on its own

By Em Dubble
Nov 3, 2007
  1. my computer switches off on its own.

    dunno whats up with it think maybe it could be the power supply..

    also keep on getting blue screen of death with a 9c hardware error.
    bit stuck as dont know a lot about the workings of a pc i have recently instaled a nvidia 6600le gfx card so might be that.

    any help or advice on what the problem could be would be much aprecited..

    my system specs
    amd athlon dual core 64x2 3800+
    nvidia 6600le gfx card
    creative audigy 2zs soundcard
    4x 512mb ram sticks
    idna geforce series mobo gforce 6100 nforce 430 chipset
    maxtor 200 gb hard drive
    Lg 16x dvd drive
    dunno what the power supply is it came with the case

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