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Nov 9, 2005
  1. just_a_nobody

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    Well, you sound devoted, so you will go far. I got most of my experience, in the Army, as a Dial Telephone Exchange (Central Office) Repairman, and later ran an electronics (mostly radio) repair shop, where we had to fix everything electric that was painted green or When I went to my first electronics repair shop, I had to read the tech manulas for every type of equipment, and if you have ever read an Army tech manual, it is no small
  2. Spike

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    Well, I'll certainly agree with that! Beerabuser, if you are doing all you say, just make sure that you don't read too much at the expense of trying things out and gaining experience. If I were you also, I'd put a lot of time into the security and the web forum (even if just reading it). It's probably going to be the lion share of your work, especially with dells coming with Norton pre-installed. Also, know that there comes a time where backing up data and documents to cd/dvd or another drive and just completely re-installing really is the best way - other than that, I think you're on the right track for home repair with Dell if that's what you really want to do, provided you do get the work in before you start doing it for real.

    Geez. If the money is that good I'm putting in an application myself :)
  3. beerabuser30

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    I have spent 9 hours today reading and trying things out. I got the everest program that is pretty sweet. I got hijackthis and ran that to see what a log looks like now I need to understand exactly what everything means. Still working on memtest that one requires a little more work. I got this program that shows you every single IE and Outlook password on your computer that was interesting. I surfed that majorgeeks website and that was fun. I am also looking into the 2600 meetings in the area.
  4. beerabuser30

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    Also I have been looking at a program called erd commander. Anyone of you guys used that before?
  5. just_a_nobody

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  6. beerabuser30

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    Says that it is 149 for a single workstation. I am not paying that for a new program that I may or may not like.
  7. just_a_nobody

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    I agree.

    It sounds like you will be mostly concerned with WinXP, so I would look around on google and find all the repair and tweak sites for XP.

    I don't know what tools Dell will give you, but you should at least have an XP boot disk, however, being it's Dell, it may not work on a Dell.

    Has Dell told you anything about the tools that you will have?
  8. beerabuser30

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    Nothing. The guy I currently work for is a huge distributor of Dell's so he has this warranty contract. He is going to subcontract it to me so I will never even contact Dell. I am not sure whether or not they will give me anything or not. That is why I like playing with this stuff before hand in case I need all the tools because Dell doesn' provide any. It will be a bunch of housewives with problems it's not like I am writing code but I really want to be prepared.
  9. just_a_nobody

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    The biggest problem that you will find is virus and spyware problems. If I were you, I would load all those free tools on each computer, that you service. Show the people how to use them, as this will cut down on the number of calls that you will have, and I mean stress to them how important it is to keep them updated, and used on a regular basis.

    I am going to keep adding to this post, so I don't run up my post numbers, so keep watching this post.
  10. beerabuser30

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    Sounds good
  11. PanicX

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    I carry an ERD Commander disk around in my laptop bag with me. It's a fantastic resource worth every penny. It's main advantage is the ability to reset the local admin password of a windows install. It's got a host of other features also.
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