Computer Turning Off But I Don't Think It's The CPU

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Apr 23, 2006
  1. So for the last month or so my computer has been shutting off on its own, and from what I can tell, quite randomly. All of my fans are fine, my CPU is hot, but not too hot to be causing problems. One thing I find curious about it is that when it shuts off I have to unplug the power cord from the computer and plug it back in to get it to turn on again. If it shuts off on its own I can leave it off for days and it will never turn back on unless I unplug and replug the power cord. I took it in and had the PSU tested and it was fine. What in the world could be causing this problem? I may just need a new PSU, but I don't want to buy one if it's not going to solve the problem.
  2. Rik

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    Sounds like the psu's short circuit protection is cutting in, either an actual short is causing it or the psu is faulty. What make and wattage is your psu?
  3. benken2202001

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    try reconnecting everything

    -pay special concern to the Heatsink attached to the CPU. I had the computer shut itself off when my heatsink was loose. some kind of failsafe maybe?
  4. KingCody

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    It sounds like you've got a bad PSU, probably some generic garbage brand.

    If you don't replace it, it may do more harm than it's doing now. The PSU is the only component in your system that can take the whole system with it when it goes, so don't be cheap when it comes to buying a PSU. you should buy a quality PSU from Antec, Enermax, FPS, or Sparkle to name a few.

    also, what specific CPU model do you have, what are your temps, are what are you using to read those temps?
  5. 7roglodyte

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    Good call, the PSU I'm using (as embarrasing as this is) is the one that came with the case. So what I think I'm gonna do is go down to my local computer store and buy a new power source, test it for a week, and if it doesn't help then take it back. Thanks for the advice on what brands to look for. If my plan doesnt work I'll see you guys in a couple weeks asking for more advice.
  6. KingCody

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    nothing to be embarrassed about, many of us (myself included) have gone through the same issues at one point in time. I don't know why most cases come with generic PSUs anyways (I guess it's so they can charge more for cheap cases)

    Modern PCs are much more demanding on the PSU than ever before, which is why it's so important to buy a quality brand with stable voltage and sufficient amperage.

    Hope the new PSU solves your problem... and good luck :)
  7. Padishar

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    I know this post is old, but I have a problem with one of my dell computers simular to this and was wondering if any of you believe it is the powersupply as well or something else.
    The problem is a little harder to identify as everything works fine when the computer is running.... well that is until you power down and leave the power off for a LONG time.
    It doesn't matter how you turn off the computer or if you leave it plugged in (or not plugged in), you simply have to leave the computer off for a half a day or so.

    Once you do that, the computer will not post until you first try and turn it on, then unplug the computer (plug it back in) and try and turn it on again. That is the only way it will turn on normally.
    If you simply press the power button after the computer is off for a long time, the computer will come on (that is the power light and the fans all come on), but it will not post. Simply unplugging the computer at this point and then plugging it back in will make it start normally again.

    This bug is really odd as leaving the computer on for days, running any diagnostic programs, stressing the computer out or even shutting it off and then back on... everything will work fine. It simply only becomes a issue if the computer is left off for awhile.

    Any help would be appriciated, thx.

    PS. At first I thought maybe it was a bios/cmos battery drain issue or something, but the CMOS battery seems fine when I take it out and run it in my tester. So is it a weird PS reset issue or something? Thx again.
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