Computer updated, need advice

By Gordon9999
Sep 28, 2009
  1. Hi to everyone again!
    I have made the changes to the computer with some slight alterations. I planned to wait with my computer to update it to DDR3 ram with DDR3 compatible mobo with the i7nm processor. I wanted to wait for this rather than update using the DDR2 with DDR2 components but I had no other choice. I brought my computer in because it kept shutting off by itself as I posted in another thread. So I had to go with option 2 which was DDR2 ram, mobo for DDR2, processor, heatsink, powersupply and I got windows 7 as well.

    I know this was not what I intended to do but when I brought my computer in and opened it up the motherboard was burnt in some obvious locations around the graphics card..... I was a bit disgruntled but I made the changes necessary for now so it is still amazing. I still plan to go with option 1 with the DDR3 and the new i7nm processor when it comes out but I now have time to wait until the price comes down.

    I would like for anyone to show me what I can do with it for now and when I should look at updating it again. Should I wait a year? Any way I wanted to thank everyone who helped me with this computer and those people know who they are so THANKS!

    FYI I am at work right now so when I get home I will add in the specs for the new parts!
    if anyone has any further information or advice or any type of opinion about this computer please feel free to post. For the people who have not seen the computer before its update you can check this thread out and read up on what has been done and look at the picture to see old to new in regards to its transformation~~>

    Best regards, Gord

    Thanks again to everyone! you guys rock!

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