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Jun 25, 2008
  1. i have a Fujitsu LT P600 stylistic pentab computer. we recently got a virus on it, w32virutb. it's hurt us pretty bad. the comp now reboots in a cycle and the furthest i can navigate through the system is into the bios. every safe mode boot does the same thing. this comp has no internal floppy or cd drives, only a com port, pc slot, and a usb drive (ethernet on the docking station). i'm at a loss without sending the hard drive back to the company to re-image.

    i want to totally reformat the drive. in the BIOS, i only have the option of boot from hard drive or floppy disk (even when an external cdrom is in the USB). do you think a usb-floppy disk would be recognized if i were to make some floppy boot disks?

    any other solutions? note again that i cannot work with the comp beyond the BIOS and startup just reboots itself after that, i think b/c the virus worked its way into the startup .exe's

    ANY help would awesome!!!
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    ok do this below are some links depending on which version of xp you are installing (I am assuming you are installing XP as you did not say if you are not please say so) Download the 6 disk boot floppy once you have it on the floppy put disk 1 in and boot of the flopy make sure to have the external cd rom connect be for you power on the computer. If you did not understand something please ask.

    Windows XP Home Edition SP1

    Windows XP Professional SP1

    Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)
    For information about the Setup boot disk versions that are available for download, visit the following Microsoft Web sites:

    Windows XP Home Edition SP2

    Windows XP Professional SP2
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    well, i have windows 2000 on it, but wouldn't mind (i have OS cd) putting XP on it. i think my problem is going to be getting the comp to recognize the floppy disk via USB. this is a small pentab computer so i think having an internal floppy drive hardwired to is out of the question....?!?
  4. justanotherguy8

    justanotherguy8 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    oh yeah, and i appreciate the reply. i tried to get the pentab comp to boot from the floppy, and even though that is an option in the BIOS, it won't recognize it through the USB.
  5. xxdanielxx

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    ok i dont understand what is installed on the computer cd or floppy
  6. justanotherguy8

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    it says floppy in the boot menu, but there isn't an actual floppy installed on the machine. i know it sounds weird, and it my be a proprietary thing where fujitsu only recognizes fujitsu external floppies for the bootup. i called the company and they really don't know jack about this old of a computer, but it's a great machine for the field!

    i've tried most of the typical changes in the BIOS so far and still haven't had any success. there might be something i'm missing though...
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