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Jul 29, 2008
  1. I turned my computer off last night, and before that it was working fine. When I woke up this morning i noticed the light was faintly on, on the button you push to turn it on on the tower, and it is never on when the computer is off. I turned the monitor on to see if anything was happening like maybe it didn't turn off nothing there. I pressed the button it did nothing. I turned the power strip off and on, and tried to turn it on but nothing happened, no fans running nothing. I replaced the power cord thinking it might be bad still nothing. I don't know where to go from here . The computer is 3/4 years old it is an E-machines T2885 has a 2.8 ghz intel celeron processor. HELP!
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    Sorry to tell you this. The signs and symptoms you describe are typical of a full failure.
    eMachines are infamous for doing this in 28 different models, but the T-2885 is among their three worst. In most cases, it is a failed motherboard. Cannot be fixed.
    You will meet people, talk to technicians, and read reports that it is a power supply problem.
    But it is not. It is the motherboard, and the failing board, destroys the power supply.
    The only fix is another motherboard which eMachines sells for $159... but they are out of stock. On purpose. The hard drive, memory, modem, cpu fan, and spu are likely still good but the power supply and motherboard will never work again.
    You can save money by not paying to have it fixed. Get a new computer. Then buy a USB enclosure in which you place your old eMachine hard drive to rescue data if it is valuable.
    You can only make the driver work in another computer buy using a Full Version of Windows XP, not an OEM version... then you can run that Windows in repair mode.
    But using the enclosure, you can drag and drop all your data to the hard drive of a new machine.
    You don't need a new machine. You can get a quality used machine for $100 to $200 that will beat the pants of the eMachine...
    AT least your got 3 to 4 years out of it... most users had theirs fail within 1 to 2 years.

    Captain Cranky is the last defender of eMachines. You may hear from him.
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    I tested the power supply and it worked fine. So you think that it is the motherboard? Is there anything else that would cause the computer not to turn on? Is it worth it to buy a new motherboard or buy a new computer? Are the motherboards that are 60-70$ price range any good?
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