Computer won't boot but after the F8 key is pressed, everything works perfectly.

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Jan 26, 2006
  1. When I turn the computer on, it stops before all the bios data comes on the screen. When I press the F8 key, it continues to boot up and run perfectly. I've tried System Restore and tried to repair Windows with the CD. The system stops before it even gets to the CD, and when F8 is pressed it doesn't even open the CD. All the drives work ok and this has happened out of the blue. I'm using XP Home and a P4, 3.06G processor. Any info would greatly be appreciated.
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    I think you are having a CMOS (bios) problem (settings corrupted). Please remove the battery from your mainboard with all power cables detached. This way bios settings are set to its original values. Be warned though. You must re-setup your bios settings, including hard disk settings etc. Write down the special settings you have made or make a digital photograph of each bios screen (everyone has a digital camera nowadays).

    Good Luck.

    Always use a hardware (Nat-based) router on your home network.
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    You're not going to believe this! I've switched my computer on this morning and it booted up perfectly! I switched it off and on several times thinking I was dreaming but it appears to have fixed itself. I've touched nothing to get this result. You're suggestion to remove the battery and reset the bios settings sounds spot on. I'll keep my eye on things, but at this point, it's all good. Any thoughts on how it's fixed itself? Thanks again for your quick response. It's nice to know that people like myself are not "hung out to dry" when these problems arise thanks to people like you.
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    Computer Wont Boot Because of NTFS.SYS

    my computer wont boot because it says my Ntfs file is missing of currupt. but i have alot of music about 30 gigs and alot of pics i dont want to lose so can anyone help this is what the computer is saying

    Windows could not start because yhe following file is missing or corrupt:

    i type slow so be patient Plz help
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    csbrewers, you are welcome.

    military police. This is a different problem so you should start an other thread.

    Insert windows cd, let the cd boot and press repair option.

    Let it auto repair. It will copy files like ntfs.sys to your hard disk again.

    It may seem bitched after the fix and startup, when it works (it should, why did they else invent the auto repair). You must reinstall any service pack and patches afterwards to get rid of the nasty failures.

    Or use recovery console, you must know something like dos and how to copy files under "dos". I do not know if you are an advanced, intermediate or novice user. Please tell us.
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