Computer wont recover!

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Jul 7, 2007
  1. hi my old hard drive died so i got a new one yesterday and put it in then i used my Acer recovery disks to get my computer going but when it gets to copying the files it just stops at 30% dont think te computer froze cause can use the keyboard still and the mouse seems fine too.

    after this i tried to start from the beginning again but it just goes back into copying the files and stops again at 30% i have allso tried another cd drive but has same problem

    anyone had this problem before

    Acer t620
    seagate hard drive

  2. raybay

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    You must get to a point where you can re-try, while going for a full format using NTFS.
    Inspect the CD, to assure there are no nicks or scratches. If there are, buff them out with a very soft cotton cloth or very soft paper towel and some clear liquid cleaner. Rub down the entire disc with small circular motions until you can see the circular pattern.
    Be certain the computer BIOS is set so the first drive in the boot order is the CD Drive in which the recovery disc will be inserted. You will usually get a flash to the screen as you startup telling you how to access the BIOS. It could be almost anything, but is usually <ESC>, <DEL>, <F2>, <F1>, <F10>, <F11>, or <F12>. Once in the BIOS, you will find a place to reset the boot order.
    Now place the recovery WXP disc in the drive. Next, turn off the machine. Wait 12 seconds and turn it back on.
    If things are working properly, the computer will boot to the disc, and give you a choice to reformat the drive to NTFS. Select full Format. This will take a long time, but it is necessary.

    If you bought an OEM drive, in a plastic bag with no box, your hard drive will want to be setup by the setup set on the manufacturers website... All drive manufacturers except Toshiba have a setup file set available for the hard drive.
    If this does not work, we need to rethink things so get right back to us.
  3. compute1

    compute1 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 30

    thnx for advice raybay but its still not working i have used the disk about 1 week ago on my old hard drive if that makes any difference
  4. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    Which Seagate drive is this... size-wise? Did you get it in a box with a disc, or in a plastic enclosure with no disc. If no disc, you need to download and run the Seagate setup software. Otherwise, use the seagate CD first to setup the drive.
    But if the Seagate laptop drive is large, your ACER BIOS may require an upgrade. The current ACER BIOS for the Travelmate 620 is VR01-A1C available from the Acer site. You should be able to look at your BIOS flash screen to see what current BIOS you have installed.

    Beyond that, you have a hardware problem somewhere, or an infestation.
    Since you are using an Acer laptop, your options are limited, but it will normally setup once the Seagate drive is prepared.
    You can also use the Seagate software (disc or download) to totally remove the WXP stuff that is partially installed.

    Does this TravelMate 620 of yours have a floppy drive? If so, this allows you to clean up the bad install on the hard drive and start from scratch.
    If you have a floppy drive, and an old MS-Dos or Windows 98 System boot floppy, I would boot to the floppy, then use the choices that come up on the screen to go to FDISK. Use FDisk to delete the partition under selection choice 4 or 5 (I forget), then reboot to the floppy and install a new partition, then reboot and format the drive in FAT32.
    If the drive formats with FAT32, you know the problem is not with the drive.
    So you know there is no WXP residue ore residual errors, no infestation, nothing to interfere.
    Go back to the WXP disc from a cold boot. Put the disc in the drive, and shut down. Now turn the Travelmate on and it should boot to the WXP Disc starting with a WXP NTFS format. If it gives you the choice of FAT32 or NTFS, select NTFS. That will take a long time.

    Once WXP has run the NTFS format, it will reboot and begin installing Windows XP and you will have no more trouble.
    However, you will still need to install all the drivers. If you have the Acer Applications and drivers disc, insert and run that disc. Otherwise, you have to download them from the site.

    If this doesn't work, you have either a memory, video graphics, chipset, BIOS, or hard drive error.
  5. compute1

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    its a seagate 160gb i think the guy said its a SATA 2 it only camein a plastic bag with no disks

    hmm sorry for not saying this before its a desktop computer and i cant dl anything to it because well it has nothing on it no winndows or anything i guess i could try to dl some of the things from seagate website from another computer annd put it on a disk

    and it doesnt have a floppy drive

    maybe i need to buy a copy of windows instead of usinng recovery disk

  6. raybay

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    SATA does not require disks, but Seagate large drives need to be set up in some way... before you install. You will need to setup most new OEM hard drives... except Toshiba...
    After that setup, the install should go just fine.
    do you have a friend that could setup the drive on their desktop?
    You say this is a desktop, but I do not find an Acer t-620 on their site, though I do find a T-600 and a T-630, but there is a laptop that is a T620.
    Anyway, the recovery disc will work fine, I think. Get somebody else to setup the disc on a SATA based computer. It will take less than four minutes. But you will need to watch the install screen carefully... to be sure the recovery disc formats to NTFS

    In fact, I would try it one more time where you watch every move on the screen... You may be given a choice you didn't notice to format the Drive to NTFS. That format must be done before the install.
    No reason why this shouldn't work. But you will probably need your Sata cable for formatting in a friends computer.
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