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Computer won't restart

By fr4nck
Mar 3, 2005
  1. Sorry my english may be bad, but i have a problem right now!

    Yesterday I installed a new RAM stick, upgrading my computer to 512 mb RAM. After the first reboot, everything was okay and my computer was supporting the new RAM stick. But this morning, i reboot my computer and it freezed up on reboot, some letters was appearing everywhere and then no more activity... I tryed to reboot and now my screen is staying on a sleep mode ( like when there is no activity ) . So i can't reboot, but i hear the fan or power supply...

    I was wondering if the problem was my motherboard...

    Anyone canhelp?
  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    Take out that new memory stick and try again. Is that memory compatible and the same speed, CL etc?
    PC-specs please (in 'User Profile', top left this page.
  3. fr4nck

    fr4nck TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the answer! Ill update my profile later on, but here is my system spec

    2014-0069 MotherBoard MB, GALIANO,MSI 6558, 645 DDR SND/LAN
    2224-0017 CPU Intel P4 1.8A Ghz 512K L2 Cache 400FSB
    2318-0004 Memory Mem 256MB PC2100 DDR Kin gston w/Samsung chip
    2510-0224 Hard Drive IDE 7200RPM 40G U100 MXR D740X-6L MX6L040J
    2610-0145 CD Rom CDRW 16x10x40 LG GCE8160B w/soft ECDC5.1
    2710-0026 Floppy Drive FD 1.44 ALPS DF354H090F Grey
    3011-0092 Video Cards GPU,64MB PROLINK,w/TVOUT VGA-MX400
    3020-0045 Modems MODEM,56K PCI USR USR263094-OEM
    3050-0017 Combo Cards PCI FW Kouwell KW-582V2
    4010-0033 Chassis A014 Avance Case Seanix Tooless ATX Tower
    4012-0026 Chassis A014 Avance Bezel TCO
    4111-0044 Power Supplies PS, 250W ATX/12 SPI FSP250-60GTV(12V)
    5110-0040 Mouse MOUSE,Logitech Opti USB&PS/2 2 b+w BD69
    5116-0035 Key Board KB, FCH CHICONY INTERNET PS/2 KWD/KWP-855CA/
    5210-0035 Operating Systems OS, WIN XP Home French Manual & COA Only
    5215-0135 Operating Systems OS CD WIN XP Home Fre Seanix
    5221-0022 Business Suites BS, MS,WORKS6.0 WIN32 F.
    7010-0025 Warranty 1 Year Desktop Ltd Depot Wty - EU Support

    and here is the memory stick i bought: 256MB PC2100 DDR 256 MB PC 2100 DDR 266MHZ

    Thanks for the help! Ill try removing the memory stick and reboot,but i can't right now! Im at work!
  4. fr4nck

    fr4nck TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The memory was defenitly the same speed and was compatible because i used it last night. I started the computer after the installation and everything was fine, i even tested it by playing a game and everything was going fine.

    I have updated my motherboard drivers the day before and i saw a message after the memory installation reboot that the system was updating... The reboot was successful but it was the last one :confused:
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