Computer wont shut off!

By yh0p2
Aug 1, 2006
  1. I've been experiencing worst computer problems in my life.. i pulled most of my hair out..

    I use ECS 4S400-A motherboard with 3.0 pen4 processor..

    1. i had a problem where i would be able to shut my computer off, and after a while it turns itself on and wouldn't respond to any buttons. I pulled the plug, waited couple hours, and as soon as i plug my power in, my computer starts..
    - i reset my bios, (pins AND battery) and it still didn't work
    - i pulled out my switch pins, and it still turns itself on
    - i tried my 2nd PSU, it didn't work except make a strange noise. I am guessing it broke :(

    now im so lost, confused, and in verge of mental breakdown..

    now i can't access my bios menu because my computer won't shut off!
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