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Jul 6, 2008
  1. Hi,

    When I put my computer on a black screen comes up saying windows has no successfully done something .... ect I get things to do like. Start windows normal, safe mode, with network, with command prompt, start windows last working point ect ... Whenever I select one of them it restarts flashes a very quick blue screen of death and restarts to return to the screen so i'm stuck in a circle.

    I tried hitting R to repair to OS when I put the disc in and it was examining the HDD for about 4 minuites is that to long? I restarted it ... because I wasnt to sure if that is how long it takes and I was worried about loosing data. Sorry for the really bad explaination, any ideas?
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    Let that repair go.
    No, 4 mins isn't long enough.
    Go watch a movie and check on it occasionally to make sure it's progressing...
  4. CCT

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    Badfinger - If the poster hit 'R' he entered Recovery Console which isn't what he wanted I don't believe.
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    I hit R to repair the OS ... do I need the CD key when I go to the repair feature do I loose all data?

  6. TheCase

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    Done a repair and left it for 5 hours its still on

    Examining 57240 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on atapi...

    Surely this is enough time. I think its froze. What can I do
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