Build a PC Computer Wont Turn On<<<

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My computer specs are:
Intel Pentium4 660 Hyper Threading 3.6
Gigabyte LGA775
G5 looking Case with Enermax Noisetaker 485w ATX12v v.2.0
1GB ddr2 Dual channel
XFX Geforce 7600GT
2 Dvd drives
Zalman Heatsink/Fan
2 80 mm Fans

A week ago I added a 120mm fan to the outside of this case(on the side) screwed it to the bottom vent, the fan is pluged to a 4pin cord. I didnt didnt have time to test it until the next day to find out that my computer wont turn on, no lights, no fan movement, monitor is black but asks about monitor connected? when i unplug it from the PC. I dont know why there is a problem because theres a 80mm fan in the fan rack in the case plugged into a 4pin cord too, which ran fine.
People tell me its the PSU(485w should be plenty of power to support a extra fan thats 120mm right? ), motherboard or both. I searched the net and read about shortcircuts, and using anti static bags. Which at the time i was sitting on carpet when installing the fan but would any of this be related to the computer not turning on I need to find out why it wont turn on, whats causing this and whats the solutions. It will be Greatful if someone teaches me hows the right way to install a fan.


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Hey there, and welcome to Techspot.

Yah, opening up and working on your computer on a carpet is really a dangerous thing to do. So much static electricity in carpets, that there is a chance you may have zapped something.

Can you give us some more details?

When the computer is OFF, do you see any LED lights lit up on your motherboard?
When you hit the power button, what EXACTLY happens? Fans spinning? Beeps?

Also, just to be sure, remove and re-seat your PSU connections, ram, video card, HDD connections etc. Something may have simply come loose.

Good luck!


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When i hit the power button, nothing happens at all. I tried un connecting the cords and putting them back in, nothing works. Can someone give me more tips or advice.


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I sort of noticed when i plug the power cord to the socket, than turning on the switch on the back of the PSU my lamp lights dim for like 1/4 a sec, even with only PSU MB 2ram sticks and cpu fan pluged in it wont turn on
You may have blown your PSU. Try and borrow one from another PC.
Make sure you don't work on the carpet. 'Ground' yourself first on e.g. a central-heating pipe or waterpipe (make sure you touch blank metal, not painted metal!).
Better still, also get an anti-static wristband, they're cheap but a life-saver!
Some PSUs have a fuse, check that out.
After switching on the PSU itself, you still need to switch the PC itself on with the button on the front. Check that all those small wires from the frontpanel are properly connected to your motherboard. Disconnect the outside fan, in case it's shorting.


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I have a spare 300wat Compaq PSU, its for my amd 1.2 GHz can it be used with my system? I just want to try out if its my PSU
If you don't know what a fuse is, or looks like, forget it.
To find out, you would have to open up the PSU and I don't think you are in the league to do so.
And that last photo of yours is worse than what I produce when I'm drunk!
Compaq PSUs, especially the older ones, are not compatible, neither are Dell PSUs.

Expecting answers in an hour or so is not the norm. A bit of patience would not go amiss. 'Bumping' as you do is frowned upon here and is useless as well!

Have you tried connecting the PC to another outlet?


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Thanks, sorry but i was very hyper last night didnt sleep till 9am. I tried it on diffrent sockets, i still mgiht want to try the fuse thing lol, i tryed the 14 and 15 wire thing so why not
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