Computer's Power Shuts Off, Suspect Cooling Not Working

By Lt. R. Perez ยท 4 replies
Feb 14, 2006
  1. My Processor is a 3.8ghz intel proc. I'm using liquid cooling. I've got a coolmaster. Ever so often my power just shuts off to my computer. The power i'm using is thermaltake with 680 watts. When I turn my computer back on it says CPU FAN DEVICE ERROR. Overclocking Failed. What do i need to change in the setup? The setup lists the CPU temp at 90 degrees celcius. MB is 29 degrees celcius. Is the liquid cooling not working at all? What do you think is the problem?
  2. h4x

    h4x TS Rookie

    omg stfu n00b
  3. Lt. R. Perez

    Lt. R. Perez TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm not joking, this is a serious problem. My computer shuts off when the CPU reaches 100C and I have no idea how to fix the problem.
  4. kirock

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    h4X, I'm not sure what your problem is but if you can't help then it's better not to say anything.

    Perez: Can you adjust the temp setting of the coolmaster? Do the lines actually feel like they're close to 90C? (be careful not to burn yourself).
    Do you have Everest to confirm your temperatures? (do google search for this freeware).

    Can you temporarily install the stock CPU fan/heatsink and see if that works.
    Did you use thermal paste between the CPU die and the coolmaster heatsink?
  5. someone124

    someone124 TS Rookie

    wow...90C :confused: do you know what burning silicon smells like?

    those 3.8Ghz chips have problems, they have to throttle back sometimes because they just run too hot. if you can't fix this, i would suggest underclocking to about 3.4 Ghz and work on getting a refund for the computer. 90C-100C is just...absurd. I'm surprised it hasn't melted yet... :eek:
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