Connecting 2 SATA HD drivers

By handakes
Oct 8, 2009
  1. hi there
    well my problem is a little tricky but i will try to describe it as best as i can..

    i just got my new VGA card installed (ATI HD 4890 TOXIC) and its a pretty big card so it covered all my s-ata sockets on the mother board and i had only 1 sata socket left and available for use..

    i wanted to hock up 2 Sata drivers and a CD room so i needed extra sata sockets so i went a head and bought an On-board IDE/sata convertor which converts my IDE socket into 2 sata sockets..

    i had Vista 64 installed but i had some trouble with online gaming on it so i tried to dual boot xp with it on the other Sata driver but i had many problems with my boot setting and i lost my xp system!

    so here's the can i connect the 2 Sata HD drivers so that i can install each operating system separately on each one and then dual them together..does this convert affects the slave/master settings as it was originally IDE socket?

    thnx :)

    P.S: i didn't know which section to post this but i went a head and put it here so move me if i am wrong :D
  2. handakes

    handakes TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well..not to be needy or anything but..i see posts that are 5 hours later than mine and they already have 10-15 answers :p

    again..i am not needy, i am just hasty :D
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