Connecting a Wireless router to an existing home network

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I alreadfy have a home network. Cable modem connection serving my computer and telephone (I have vonage broadband phone) through the linksys adapter provided by vonage. I purchased a wireless router and I need to hook it up. If I connect the wireless routers internet port(WAN) to an ethernet port in the linksys adapter, it doesnt work. However, when I connect it port to port (ethernet port of the wireless router to an ethernet port of the linksys adapter), the internet connectionw works. However, I am unable to activate the wireless network.

I tried connecting the wirless router directly to the modem (removing the linksys adapter) and carried out the installation provided in a CD by the manufacture and it wont work fine.

I cant get rid of the linksys adapter as it is essential for my broadband phone.

Any suggestions? Please help..



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You should have bought a wireless access point instead of a router.. *mutter*

"unable to activate" means what? Increadibly heavy feeling creeps into your hands making you unable to operate the computer?

Some more information here would really help.. Symptoms, computers and operating systems involved, types of wireless equipment, the router configuration etc.


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throw that setup CD out the window, its useless most of the time anyway, and in this case, it isn't going to work at all. I've never used a CD setup successfully. Just use the web interface of the router to set it up. The best thing you can do is, as nods said, get an AP, but if your router has an AP mode, then just connect it back with the linksys adapter connected to a LAN port after setting the router to AP in the interface.
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Router to Router

Thank you Nodsu and StormBringer. I should have obtained the AP in the first place.
I checked in the router's web interface. I dont see anything to set the router to AP Mode. The package doesnt say if it has an AP mode. Do you think then it would be useless to retain it?
Any suggestions?

Sorry I should have provided mor euseful info int he previous post. Here you go:
Router Model: MR814 v3. 802.11 B Wireless Router with 4 ports.
Manufacturer: Netgear
My PC is a desktop with Windows 2000.
I tried to install the router removing my previus home network ad connecting it directly to my pc and the other end to the broadband modem. I followed the instructions in the setup provided by NetGear int he CD and finally, I receive the error "Netowrk settings are incorrect"..Couldnt find any more explanation on that.
Then I put back my existing home network (served by a Linksys Broadband phone Adapater with 2 phone ports and 4 ethernet ports) in place and ebsured that the internet connection and phone works fine. Then, tried connecting one of the ethernet prots on the wireless router to a port int he linksys adapter and I am able to access the internet connecting my machine to any ethernet port on the wirless router. (Looks like it just works as a switch in this case.) The wireless doesnt work.

I guess the best thing would be to return this and get an Access Point unless you guys have any other suggestions that will make this work.



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How did you set up the wireless on the wireless router? WiFi is just an extension to the switch and should work if you have set it up correctly.

Try doing the wireless part from the setup instructions again. Don't do anything with the WAN setup (leave it at "dynamic"), disable DHCP.
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