Connecting HPeprint direct to router


I thought I would document how I set up my Hp 3055a printer to work as a print server and as a conventional stand alone usb printer.
1. Make sure your pc is coonected directly to your wifi router and that you have a usb cable to connect your pc to your router.

2. Install the software and set up a wifi connection and set up eprint. You will get a unique email address to connect directly to your wifi printer Disconnect the USB cable when instructed (you now have a print server that you can email direct to or commmunicate with as long as the hp software is on each pc you want to use and the pc has a wifi capability.

3. Go back into the HP software and setup a new printer using the USB cable only. Go into Control Panel and make sure the network usb printer is the default.

4. You can now send to your printer when the pc is switched off or when it is on. Obviously the printer needs to be on to be on to be allocated an ip address by your router. You can now print direct from your mobile or tablet or laptop. Mobile and Tablet need the eprint app downlaoded from Google Play Store.

Hope this helps someone, I know its a bit basic but it helped me. I have also done this process on a Kodak all in one printer.

Jad Chaar

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Good to know. Thanks for posting this. I have an older HP Wireless printer (right before the ePrint branding) and I think it incapable of doing this. Thanks again, I'll try it.