Connecting IDE Hard Drive to SATA PC

By Graham Farrell
Dec 17, 2007
  1. I purchased a Dell Inspiron 531S desktop and wanted to move my IDE 200 MB HDD from mo old PC to the Dell.

    We tried connecting the IDE HDD as an external drive but the Dell would only recognize the case and not the HDD.

    The TechSpot Q & A have saved me in the past so I hope someone can give me a solution
  2. Stick'o ram

    Stick'o ram TS Rookie Posts: 178

    It dosen't have any IDE connections at all? You could always try a PCI card that will allow you to use IDE drives, however be warned that it would only be like ATA66.
  3. SNGX1275

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    Do you want this temporarly or permanent? You probably meant 200GB not MB right?

    If its temporary if the CD drive(s) is IDE you can temporarly disconnect it and connect the hard drive, just making sure the jumpers are set properly.

    If you want permanent then you'll have to either get a PCI IDE controller card, or hook it up as an external through USB, Firewire, or eSATA (if they even make IDE to eSATA). In any of those cases the enclosure is probably going to require the jumper be set to Master so doublecheck that.

    If that is what you did and it still doesn't work, could you give any more details, like what does it show up as in Device Manager, also what about in Disk Management?
  4. Samstoned

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    (echo on)where was this in explorer window or disk management
    I'm guess'n it came with vista home
    when using external remove any jumpers see if that helps
    you can get a pci-e ide card cheap about 20.00 if not less
    this should give you very good speeds
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