Connecting tape/VHS player

By cyberguy
Feb 5, 2007
  1. Is there a way I can connect my VHS player to my computer to download the VHS video so i can edit and put it onto DVD? I really don't want to spend $200+ for one of those VHS/DVD converters w/out having the ability to edit it. And also, what kind of cord would i need to download LPs and tapes to my computer also, like what should i look for w/ a Line in port?
  2. Teaser261

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    To get vhs into your machine, you're going to need a tv card inserted into an empty pci slot or there are now usb devices for video capture. Go to and click on video capture.There are alot of inexpensive devices to get your video into your machine.Also, check out soundcards while you're there. They have several solutions for getting your old vinyl digitized. I put in an aftermarket sound card with RCA jacks and hooked my entire stereo sytem to my pc and an ADS tv card to put my vhs in as well. Just another reason to sit at my PC. Good luck and happy burnin'.:cool:
  3. cyberguy

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    What would i do since i have a laptop?
  4. Teaser261

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    In that case you're gonna need the usb interface boxes. Probably around $30 for the Video and another $20-$30 for the audio box. You'll need to go out of the tape monitor on your stereo into the audio box because you need the preamp in the stereo to turn the signal from the record player into line level..So you will need a couple RCA type cords to connect from the vcr and the stereo into the audio and video boxes. Check out tiger direct to see the diagrams It's a little more than I said , but check it out Also check out
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