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Oct 21, 2003
  1. Hey guys, i wanted to try and connect my computer to my tv so i can play the games and watch movies on my tv

    how to do this?

    Now i know you can purchase those high quality graphic cards like ATI Radeon Pro (that's all ive been hearing) but i dont wanna spend so much just for that. also my comp is pretty rubbish so i dont wanna waste my small amount of money (im only 16, and i aint got a job, so not alot of omney, really) on a crazy video card

    so i was wondering if theres any other way to connect them together in a cheap and sufficient way? thanks guys.
  2. Charles Hammond

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    Some companies, like ATI, make TV Cards as a separate product for around $50.00 or so with a TV or maybe a FM tuner. Never used one myself. Additionally a lot of video cards have TV-OUT options. This works but not quite at the high quality you would get on a good TV or a large comptuer monitor. Even some NVIDA MX440 cards have TV-OUT. This might be nice for watching a DVD or possibly viewing a power point presentation or if you are really board a psychodelic light show that responds to music like some MP3 players have.

    On the low-end of the Video card market, you can get TV-out on a card like a ATI 9200 for not too much dough.

    Be careful that your PC meets the requirements of any cards you buy. A fairly high CPU speed is required to run some programs effectively. Also make sure your OS is supported. Sometimes it says Win98 is supported as an OS and then certain features are not available that would be available if you had WinXP.

    Viewsonic is a manufacturer of Computer Monitors and similar products. They have a product to let you view video sources from places like a Cable TV's and Games on your PC. They have an externally attached unit that lets you watch TV on your monitor with a TV Tuner, but it costs around $100.00 or so.
  3. StormBringer

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    The TV Out option is what you want, the TV cards that Charles spoke of, has a Tuner, they make it possible to input your TV Cable signal to your computer(as well as capture video)
    What you want is to output the video from your monitor to the TV, to do that you just need to find a Video card that suits your needs and also has TV Out, most cards available now have a version available with the TV OUT.
  4. Rick

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    There are VGA to TV converters, but they cost about 100 dollars, typically. You are better off getting a "cheap" video card.

    You can get a video card with a TV out or a complete TV tuner (to watch TV on your PC) for around $50.

    It might be pricey to you, but that's the only way. Even if you bought a VGA to composite adapter (which you can buy for about $10), your card itself STILL has to support TV out.
  5. jusane

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    Hey thanks alot guys, your info is very helpful for my decisions.
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