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Jan 21, 2005
  1. I have 3 computers on my network one that can connect to the internet. The other 2 cant connect to the internet but when the "host" computer is connected the other 2 can use the connection. What i want is to be able to connect from any of the computers at any given time. All 3 computers have xp pro and my isp is people pc.
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    You do not describe the hardware layout of your network, but it sounds like you need a router .The sharing server in a simple connection share network has to stay on.
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    My network layout

    COMP 1 W/ internet -----------Network Hub---------------Comp 2
    Comp 3 ---------------------------^
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    If you want to connect from any of the clients in your system at any time , then you need to set up a Lan . eg. DSL modem > router>Clients.
    I thought this is what you wanted .In your setup the other 2 clients can only access the Web when the Server is on and it is connected.
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    Avoid ICS, use a router.

    There are many experts who feel that using Microsofts ICS, while technically feasible, is a very bad idea. There are some huge security issues when ICS is used as a substitute for a router. One author, Paul Thurrott, has a really good book called Windows XP Home Networking which devotes a chapter to how to set up ICS. He then devotes a couple of pages to a section called “ICS: Why You Should Never Do This”.

    Conclusion: Use a hardware router, they are very inexpensive. You can even keep your hub by simply uplinking one port to the router.
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