connecting two commputers to one line

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Sep 13, 2006
  1. my mother in law wants the internet in her house and i live about 150feet away, can i connect her computer up to my computer so we can share the same broadband wirelessly??? i have a adsl modem and we both have windows xp. if i can, how do i do this ??? can anyone help me please.
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    thats on the edge
    get wireless router and a wireless card for her machine
    follow the manual carefully read your isp's setup for networking
    this is for dsl or cable only

    need reminded jobeard
    ya wireless G mimo
    set one up last week good to 350ft
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    look for a MIMO class router; Multiple In, Multiple Out. using multiple antennas
    produces better coverage. MIMO router
    Place the router near a window and as high in the
    room as possible. You may also need a Range Booster

    your first efforts at this range should be to achieve a connection.
    if that works, you should definately encrypt the media, as everyone nearby
    will see the station and try to use your connection for free.
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    Are they both desktops and if your not are comptuer inclined you could simply get a wireless router with a 4 port wired router to plug your system at your house in then use an usb wireless adaptor and the even nicer thing about using usb I know I have a usb one that came with an stand with like I think a 6 foot cord so you could move it around for better signal you could put it near A window as well then that would work wonderful. But it may be a tad bit slower for your mother in law and you dont have to use a stand base its for desktop use our you can plug it into a laptop without it its like an usb extender but it has a base not all brands and models include them it usualy will say so on the box. Also if your more computer knowledged you can put in a PCI wireless card into your mother in laws system. But I tihnk usb would be nice with the stand so she could put it near the window for the best signal but like I said USB is sometimes a tad slower than PCI. But its your choice you might get good signal using a PCI card. They say 400 feet range for 802.11g g but you know you go walls and building matterials and even trees outside that will block that so yes it wont be that far. They even state on the boxes aobut it was tested in an outdoor environment without anything blocking it from the router to the card or adaptor.
    If you need more help just say so and yes I argee with the other try to find a higher up wireless technogoly than wireless g since your going 150 plus feet. Im maybe 20ft away rom my router if that not really sure so yeah. Also I argee with the other you need to setup sercurtiy you dont want others on your netwok using your internet for free and slowing down the speed so your motherinlaw will have a password that is saved in her comptuer so she wont have to keep reentered it.

    I hope I cleared this up and have a nice day and thanks for choosing techspot
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    thank you for your info that really helped
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