Connecting Two Hard Drives

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Sep 6, 2007
  1. I've got a Toshiba A10 laptop that has recently fallen victim to several hardware issues, and instead of paying to fix it, I've decided to throw it out... but, I have information (several GBs) on the harddrive of the a10 that I would like to transfer to my desktop. Both have Windows Xp with identical updates, and the a10 can boot without difficulty and can transfer data, though anything else takes forever to accomplish because the fan is dead and the system compensates for the failure by slowing it down immensely. Can I connect the harddrives somehow? or any other methods will suffice? (burning CDs takes forever and my flash-drive is missing)
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    You can go the adapter route as above (cheap one on ebay/amazon),

    or if your laptop is up to it, a 1Gb pen drive would cost much the same.
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    Go to Newegg and spend about 17.00 for a USB 2.0 notebook drive enclosure. then once you have transfered your data you can reformat the drive and have a portable storage\backup solution using the notebook Drive in the enclosure.
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