connecting video card to TV

By cigarman
Jun 25, 2007
  1. I have no experience with this, but I want to connect my conventional 36" tv to the S-video output on my video card, turning the computer into something of a home theater system as well as keeping it's use as a computer for internet and other purposes. (The tv has an S-video input). The video card also has a DVI output, connected to a 19" monitor. Will I be able to watch a DVD on the tv and surf the net on the monitor at the same time? Maybe this depends on the video card? Will I need a KVM switch to do either if not both at the same time?
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    To do this, you really are going to need a video card with an S-Video out. To my knowledge there is no easy way to go from DVI to S-Video. I'm guessing your TV doesn't have a VGA in...

    The good news is you can get a brand new video card for less than $35 that will output S-Video, and can probably pick one up used for $5.

    You won't need a KVM switch for that, but you won't be able to output to the TV and browse the internet at the same time. What you see on S-Video will be the same as you see on your monitor. Unless your card/drivers can only do 1 at a time. Outputting to the TV will look terrible for anything except video, so don't plan on browsing the internet with your tv.
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