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Jun 6, 2006
  1. An annoying little problem I have here. Finally got my computer working right except for one thing: start up computer, I can log onto internet no problem. Walk away and let the computer sit for maybe eight hours and it's a different story. Ethernet connects okay, but for some reason, Firefox or I.E. will not connect to a web page. The only way to surf online is to completely restart the computer.
    It is a DSL connection, and usually I either disconnect the ethernet cable or just shut off the modem. Don't neccessarily like the idea of my computer being constantly connected for hours at a time if nobody is using it. Not sure if I am doing anything wrong there but any info would help.

  2. TypeX45

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    When you dissconnect the ethernet cable and reconnect, open up a command prompt and type the command:

    ipconfig /release

    and then:

    ipconfig /renew

    This will reconfigure your connection without have to restart
  3. rocsci

    rocsci TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Tried it and still no results. I believe the connection itself is fine as I am able to send ping requests with results. Even with the "ipconfig/renew" operation my browsers will not connect if my computer sits.
  4. TypeX45

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    What do the lights look like on the modem. Do you have a green for power, green for internet, green for you ethernet connection and a green for dsl?(exchange the green for what ever color your modem may use) Also where are you pinging to just your router or can you ping
  5. rocsci

    rocsci TS Rookie Topic Starter

    There are four lights on the modem (Power, ethernet, DSL, internet) and all of them are on when I try to connect. I can ping any web address and the ethernet and internet lights blink showing there is activity with the modem, yet no connection with browsers.
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