Connection problem with IE and MSN

By isotopes
Nov 10, 2008
  1. My computer can connect to internet but cant surf the net. When connecting IE to surf the website, it reflected connection problem. My msn also have the same problem but strange enough my Skype can function as normal.

    I've tried to virus scan my hardisk and it say nothing and also did a ccleaner and it only get better for a while.

    Now I can connect internet and function normally but only through wifi and when I connect through ethernet, the same problem come again, internet connection problem with IE and MSN but my Skype can function normally.

    Please help...

    Attached here are the require log file.
  2. rf6647

    rf6647 TS Maniac Posts: 829

    You look clean & ready to resume 'happy computing'.

    Startup apps (O4) use resources on your machine. Visit those applications and remove the request to run at startup for seldom used applications.

    Since MBAM log was clean and there was no mention of detected infections, your connetion via ethernet may be a hardware problem. Kinked or crushed cables top the suspect list, followed by the connectors and the electronics at both ends.

    Check out the networking section on this board. You'll see the standard advice to update/reload the drivers. If you are looking for a differential diagnostic, you could use an USB-Ethernet adaptor at the computer end. If available, you could substitute another desktop/laptop. Get the picture - change things piece by piece.

    The events logs may record errors. It can't hurt to check this out.
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