Console Wars: The Next Generation

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Jun 18, 2006
  1. Xbox 360- stunning graphics, two wireless, 2 wired controllers, can play some Xbox games, 20 Gb hard drive, $400

    Ps3-Stunning graphics, wired wireless and bluetooth controllers, not gaming system actual computer, backwards compatible with ps2 games, really cool lookin in silver, Call Of Duty 3, 30 Gb hard drive, $600+

    Wii-Used to be Revolution, Mario games, completely interactive controllers, possibly the most advanced system seen thus far, can play games all the way back to SNES, possible ds controller, what storage?, >$250

    So which console will come out on top? Will you buy one? Or are pcs truly the best way to go as far as gaming?
  2. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    It's all about the games.. nothing more.

    If something incredible comes out for one or all, gamers will go there.

    Just look at the INSANE number of PC hardware upgrades that Oblivion caused. I know, personally, five people that either bought whole new systems or upgraded their existing PC's just to play Oblivion.

    Consoles are the same way. If some insanely hyped, most desired game comes out for the XBox 360- gamers will rush out and buy one. If the PS3 gets something wild, same thing there, etc.etc.

    Also, it depends on the individual. Examples:
    My roommate- has no need for a console, really. He likes strategy games/thinking games, like AOE-III, Civilizations 4, Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (hates the others- too '3d-ish/glitzy' his words, old SSI style-games, etc.etc). He's a PC gamer through and through.. He only broke down with a PS2 in the past simply for Monster Rancher 4 as it's kind of strategy-like and his style game.

    My gf? She likes "constructive" games that have a lot of collecting involved and no fast action/thumb dexterity. Sims, Themepark-style games, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, etc.etc. She's most likely going to be a Wii gamer as the Gamecube and PC are her faves (Tycoon and Sims for PC, collection/rpg games for Gamecube).

    Me? I like action games.. shooters.. multiplayer games, space/dogfight games, fighting games, action RPG's, strategy RPG's, twitch-games, etc.etc. I'm screwed since I need them all LOL. Avid PC gamer (CS:S, BF2, Oblivion, FEAR, Quake4, COD2, etc.etc.), have all consoles (from NES forward, even Neo Geo, Saturn, Dreamcast, etc.etc. of course 'Cube, PS2 and Xbox and XBox 360). I'll eventually wind up with all the new consoles as well.. PS3 & Wii..

    There are a lot of sports game fans- so obviously this will also have impact on sales.. whichever console gets the best sports titles will obviously win over the sports-fans. Can't say I have any interest in these myself or my friends/peers though.

    So whichever console comes out on top will be directly related to the game library and genres each will provide- as well as any exclusive titles with wide appeal one or the other may come out with. We saw this with Halo for the XBOX, Gran Turismo/FF games on the PS2, etc.etc. Only time will tell.

    I will say the XBox 360 has been pretty bleak so far IMO.. it offers about the same as a PC at this stage in the game (King Kong? COD2? Hitman? Oblivion? Got 'em all on the PC too). I guess sports fans have a great time on their hands as the FIFA/Madden players are all going hog wild on it. I'm hoping MS will score a few bigger developers with neat titles to get more bang for mine soon... bang that cant be had on the PC sitting 2' from it and also on the big-screen + wireless controller heh.
  3. DrWookie

    DrWookie TS Rookie

    I agree, games are the biggest issue....all 3 systems have good enough graphics for people to enjoy them so how "powerful" the systems are going to be won't matter....I'll appreciate a fun game on Wii A LOT more then a game that looks "OMG awesome" on PS3 but is just downright stupid. (Oh and btw I think Xbox 360 supports 4 wireless not 2 but that is neither here nor there).

    Right now I also agree that the 360 has been lackluster in games...every real fun game you can get on PC (Aside from the sports games which are a blast with other people). I also feel like the quantity of games is kind of lackluster...aside from Hitman ther ehasn't been a worthwhile release since like Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (IMO).

    I am however looking forward to the next few months....Madden 07 with superstar mode, Prey, Test Drive Unlimited, Splinter Cell 4, Chromehounds (I think it'll be sweet), Ninety-Nine Nights (I Can't wait for an updated Dynasty Warrior style game with hundreds of enemies), Just Cause (looks kinda neat...can't tell yet though) as well as a few others.

    I think one thing it seems to be missing and hopefully it will pick up some later is a good RPG, i'm talking Final Fantasy style RPG with a great story, long game....I'd like something a little more story driven than Oblivion which seems so broken up with all its hundreds of little stories (And the main story just isn't that compelling). I may get the PS3 just for the fact that Playstation is notorious for good RPGs compared to other consoles, we'll see.
  4. Kt3mplar

    Kt3mplar TS Rookie Posts: 16

    The thing about the 360 that hooked people were actually, I think, the graphics AND gameplay of it's launch titles. Initially, the graphics of the 360 were all the rage, and it's launch titles were all more than half decent: Call of Duty 2, King Kong,Oblivion (which was somewhat later), Project Gotham, THAW, NBA and NHL 2K6...all of them worthwhile if some not phenomenal. But now that people already have that $500 system in their living room, they are somewhat predisposed to the Xbox 360 since the PS3 (big moolah) and the Wii (which may well turn out to be some 360 and PC gamers little affair on the side) are both more money out the window. Regardless, the PC crowd will remain relatively small because it is still the most expensive "system" on the market, regardless of how you outfit. Almost any play-worthy PC you can buy is more than $500, even if you build it yourself. I think that if the PS3 postpones it's launch enough, many gamers that were holding out will switch over to the 360. But those that were originally holding out for the Wii, will continue to hold out for the Wii simply because of the divide between the Wii and both other mainstream systems.
  5. DrWookie

    DrWookie TS Rookie

    I do think Microsoft had the right idea releasing earlier then playstation 3. They got so many people who couldn't wait for the playstation 3 and wanted a "next generation console" and now that playstation 3 is gonna end up being like 600 bucks a lot of people are going to opt out of purchasing it because less than a year ago they spent around 500 for their 360 (after extra remotes, games etc...)

    Now Nintendo has the right idea by making up for that by making their system more accessible at (I believe) a much lower price (Like 300 dollars?) That will work to their advantage because, for instance, I know i'll be getting one to supplement my 360 for some variety...but I probably won't purchase the PS3 just because of the price (Unless I just have to play the next Final Fantasy game...I haven't decided).

    Granted Sony probably couldn't afford to sell the PS3 at 250 dollars or something...I mean Microsoft was losing what was it...100 bucks per 360 sold just so they could get them out on the market and make the money back on the games and what not.

    I do think it all goes back to the games...and Microsoft really has to pick up the slack before the PS3 comes out so that they have good addicting games that people are busy with come November otherwise people might look for greener pastures on the other side of the fence. (Oh and they really need to release some decently long games...I know multiplayer is fun and what not but I'd kinda like a game that is longer then 10 hours please...Oblivion aside)
  6. IH8PunkRock

    IH8PunkRock TS Rookie Posts: 26

    the super long games are the ones that make me kinda not want to play the consoles (its still me i had to change my name) i like the shooters. especially ones like quake and doom. and for those games to be any good they need to be real lookin. that is wut i think microsoft and sony are doin with these consoles. they are targetting the gamers like myself. the ones that enjoy being scared by the monsters in the games. that is the true gaming experience to me. the more real it is the better. games that have seemingly endless boundaries are the best. i like longer games but ones that take like four hours fo one mission get on my nerves cause im busy and i have very little time to play.
    thats where the wii comes in. most of the games on the wii are short arcade like games that nintendo is famous for. u turn on the console and play for a little bit and ur done. i like that too.
    but it all does come down to the games after all.
    Now answer the real ? console or computer? Whats ur choice
  7. DrWookie

    DrWookie TS Rookie

    Up until buying the Xbox 360 like 3 months ago I had been computer for the past like 8 years. I played a lot of computer games and I was always upgrading my computer to play the best games with the highest graphics.

    However at this point in my life I don't have the time to game 5 hours a day or something and therefore it isn't worth the money investment to constantly manage a computer. So I opted to purchase the Xbox 360, and I have spent what like 400 maybe 450 bucks on it and that is all I will ever spend on it aside from games. I don't regret it and I am really enjoying it (Oh yah and I'm spending the money for xbox live but that is still nothing compared to managing the MMORPGs and the computer before).

    While my experience may be unique I find a console is more suitable to people once they reach college or graduate school (Depending on the field) or are isn't worth the investment of managing a computer for only playing maybe 1 hour a day if at all.

    I know when I went to college a few years ago the amount of xbox and playstation 2s went up drastically compared to really powerful computers...partly because of the time constraint and also partly because of the "community" that is closer so you can play together with an xbox (Lan party isn't quite as fun I think)
  8. socrfan

    socrfan TS Rookie

    I'll take a computer over the consoles. Console game prices are getting out of hand and it's mostly because that's how they make up for the cost of the hardware. Get them hooked on a console and reel them in with the price of the games. Computer game prices aren't always cheap either but I can still find good new games for under $30. I'll also take the controls of my computer. Gamepads? Forget it. A mouse and keyboard eats gamepads for lunch. At this point too, anyone spending money on a PS3 before finding out which new DVD format will come out on top likes gambling with his money too much.
  9. Ps3

    ps3 all the way,
    i was reading an xbox mag the other day and they were bitching about how sony stole all the good ideas from the 360's controller! well i think thats one of the stupidest things iv ever heard, ooh whats this 4 shoulder buttons on a 360 controller! the controll is pretty much the same shape aswell and the buttons on the original xbox and the 360 pretty much have the same layout as a ps2 or ps1 controller even. the only way they got away with it was by swapping the left d-pad with the left stick!!!
  10. skitzo_zac

    skitzo_zac TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 418

    I personally prefer PC gaming but the only problem is the price tag that goes with it. but i also like console gaming i find that console gaming is better wen u r gaming with friends. but dont forget that PC's r getting a new gen aswell with Vista and DX10! well price wouldnt really be a porblem if i wasnt so lazy and i got me a job lol!
  11. IH8PunkRock

    IH8PunkRock TS Rookie Posts: 26

    i always found pc to be the way to go. the pc will never die. you can continuously upgrade one computer and play every game in between. consoles cannot be upgraded. which sux. they should make an upgradable console (strictly gaming pc) i think that would be cool.
  12. skitzo_zac

    skitzo_zac TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 418

    while that is a good idea IH8PunkRock i think that would kinda ruin the whole point of consoles. you would have another computer system like mac (good for nothing in my opinion) windows (does everything especially GAMING WOOT!) and then ur new upgradable console!
  13. yeah i think an uprgadable console wouldnt be all that good cause u might as well just get a 2nd comp if u want that
  14. AtK SpAdE

    AtK SpAdE TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,495

    Im a poor college student, Wii is about the extent of my budget. And, it looks like you could have some seriuos fun playing it.
  15. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,742   +422

    I just thought of this as I was skimming this thread, but I think its becomming more and more relavent as console games and PC games are overlapping.

    Nintendo is what I will go with, its games are going to touch on areas that the PS3 might be able to (if it does go with a decent motion sensor) and the Xbox360 can't touch. Likely the 360 (as seen) and the PS3 will be covering games you can also get on a PC, the Wii on the other hand will have games that you can't get on a PC, or easily reproduce on another console.

    Why get a game for xbox or ps3 that you can get for a PC where you'll be able to do more with it?

    The Wii will be cheaper, and have games that are exclusive to it.
  16. IH8PunkRock

    IH8PunkRock TS Rookie Posts: 26

    i agree with sngx1275. the wii and nintendo have created a true console. one that is completely different from a computer. nintendo has always done this. microsoft intends to integrate everything to the computer including the 360.
    sony (if claims are true) made a computer instead of a console.

    nintendo is the only one who has maintained the spirit of the true gamers.

    off subject but w/e happened to Sega? they stopped creating consoles after dreamcast flopped and their games are relying solely on sonic. what went wrong with sega?
  17. nah you gotta crank the ps3 over all of them, i mean a wii would be kinda fun for a while with all that gyro scoptic controller stuff ( cause i was watching a video for the new tony hawk coming out on the wii and it did look pretty fun), but the ps3 will dominate
  18. smtkr

    smtkr TS Rookie Posts: 131

    Yeah, Sony will easily dominate the next (current?) generation of consoles by upsetting developers ( ) and consumers. Coming late to the party with no gaming innovation will also help. When major developers don't see the system as marketable at the current price beyond early adopters ( ), you have a problem.

    Common sense will prevail this generation. A high priced system is one thing, but the aggregate of high games prices and system price is a recipe for disaster. Most consumers are fed up with the price inflation in the gaming industry. Most of my friends wait for the red label to show up on PS2 games before we buy. A video game is not worth 50 USD--the new prices are egregious. I'd rather do something outdoors (I've always wanted to try kayaking, for example).

    For the value gamers, the Wii is a no brainer. For the evolutionary gaming (read: improved graphics), the only people who will buy the PS3 are Final Fantasy fanboys.
  19. Jungchen

    Jungchen TS Rookie Posts: 67

    I think sony's PS3 will make the race... Though 600 bucks is a very impressive amount of money
    Nintendo's Wii also seems awsome... I like the new controller... And I'm looking forward to trying it...
    However, I don't know if I'll buy any of these consoles, as I feel pretty well with my PC games for the moment...
    Whose gonna win the seventh generation console war? Only the future will tell... ;-)
  20. twite

    twite TechSpot Paladin Posts: 937

    You can't really say if one is better then the other, because everyone likes different styles of gameplay. Oldschool gamers will probablylike the wii. New gamers like flashy graphics so the'll probably buy the ps3 or 360. Me? I'll have all 3. So many people say the ps3's price is to high, but they don't relize that if they built a computer with the same specs, it would cost them 3 billion dollars. Yes, three billion dollars; because the proccesor that the ps3 uses is 1/1, unique from anything else, and it costed sony 2-3 billion dollars to produce it.
  21. socrfan

    socrfan TS Rookie

    Hate to burst your bubble but every proccessor chip developed these days costs a bundle, not just Sony's. It's the people (suckers?) who have to run out and get their hands on the latest and greatest, at top dollar, that end up paying for all that research. As a friend of mine once said, the first chip cost a billion, after that they're 50 cents a piece.

    I'll still stick with my computer over any console, any day.

    To pay out that kind of cash just to play games proves that old saying about a fool and his money....
  22. Jungchen

    Jungchen TS Rookie Posts: 67

    I agree...
  23. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +38

    The PS3 is a gamble IMO. Even if it pays off, Sony is going to be losing quite a bit of money on every console sold until enough of them are sold to balance the tradeoff or a cheaper way of producing the Blu-Ray drives (the main component responsible for the high price) is found. Also, the Cell processor may be unique, but the X360's three CPU cores allow for much better performance in games. Just compare the Halo 3 and MGS 4 trailers and you'll see the difference yourself. Halo looks a lot sharper and detailed.
  24. LNCPapa

    LNCPapa TS Special Forces Posts: 4,276   +461

    Don't forget that some people build very high end PCs with the sole purpose of playing games. I remember once building a computer for just under $3k and it's only function was gaming, TV, and music.
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