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By garalare
Jun 28, 2010
  1. I have a mini-dump file I would like to have deciphered, can anybody help?

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    Thanks for checking. Last week after you found it to be adasprot32.sys, I contacted the people at systweak who sell the application Advanced System Optimizer 3. They advised me to delete the file and told me the program would work fine without it. Instead of deleting it I removed it from the ASO3 directory in the program files directory and stuck it into a misc. (library) file folder on the desktop. Is it then possible it is still interefering from inside another folder?
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    Yes, quite possible. Let me give you an example from a different situation but bears keeping in mind. back in April of 2009 there was a poster who came with a large number of BSODs. Long story short the issue was a Norton driver. Now here is the kicker: She had uninstalled Norton 6 years earlier and hadn't used it since! The thing with Norton is it is notorious for leaving drivers behind even after uninstalling it. One must use their special removal tool after an uinstall in order to be fully clean.

    Here is what I am getting to: Drivers will attempt to function even if the software is uninstalled or if they are on your system and separated from said software.

    The driver adasprot32.sys is till present. Follow their advice.
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