Cooler Master HAF 932 Full Tower ATX case review

Julio Franco

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For the ultimate gaming machine the full tower ATX case has become the weapon of choice, though evidently not for its portability or value. Rather gamers with high-end systems are turning to the full tower ATX form factor simply so they can comfortably fit all their extreme hardware. With flagship GeForce and Radeon graphics cards now measuring over 9" long (23cm) typical mid-size cases are no longer sufficient.

The Cooler Master HAF 932 is a truly impressive looking gaming case without being over the top in anyway. The design is clean yet aggressive at the same time, which is not easy to accomplish. From the most recent full tower ATX cases we have seen this year - and we have pretty much seen them all - the HAF 932 is probably the coolest.

Priced at just $160 it could be said that the Cooler Master HAF 932 is an entry-level full tower ATX case, but when looking at the specifications it becomes hard to agree with that statement - in a good way.

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Nice Review.

Looks like a sweet case. If I was buying a new case right now, it would probably be this or the Antec 1200.... tough decision.

The only thing turning me away from this case at all, is the HUGE fans... I like smaller fans.... big fans scare me =P


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Great looking case, I would want to get this on as well.

I have the same graphics card as in the review xD