Cooler Master launches $100 compact HAF XB case for LAN-goers

By Matthew ยท 8 replies
Nov 14, 2012
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  1. Although we hold the HAF 932 and HAF X with high regard, there's no denying what could be viewed as a major shortcoming: they're massive. Full tower enclosures provide plenty of elbowroom to work with, but they're also a hassle...

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  2. madboyv1

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    The last paragraph duplicates part of the paragraph. That being said, I find this case kind of silly considering it's pedigree, but at the same time oddly tempted to build something with it... It must be that mild obsession with "small" form factor cases I have. =p
  3. Matthew

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    Sorry about that, I copied the front page intro excerpt into the wrong field on our CMS.
  4. Cooler Master must have been reading my mind. I love my HAF 912. It's one of the coolest looking cases. I bought it just to keep young kids away from my computer. :) But seriously, the case looks just as good as the big brother and the smaller size is very welcome for a second computer. Looks like I'll be spending more money on computer parts.
  5. The positive: WOW
    the negative: too pricey
  6. 100$ isn't pricey for something with high quality materials like that, lol. Pricey is the Corsair 800D.
  7. cayman diver

    cayman diver TS Rookie

    Any idea if these are stackable?! From the pics it appears they could be. Great looking case and appears to be plenty of room. Looks like I'll ned to get a couple to play with!
  8. They are not stackable due to the buldge to hold the front panel grill and a 200mm fan
  9. ROFLMAO, They DO STACK ! ! ! ! Retail box, right side, 3rd PIC down shows 3 of them stacked...

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