Cooler Master's nimble Cosmos SE arrives next month under $170

Shawn Knight

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Cooler Master has launched the latest iteration of one of their most popular product lines to date. Based on user feedback from the original chassis and the Cosmos II, the Cosmos SE shares the same core design that made the...

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Why does this get a side panel but my cosmos 2 does not :(

and all CM say is that a side panel is in the pipeline


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I have the cosmos S (2nd iteration). despite the case had plenty of room, I had to personally do some modding to get one 360 radiator and one 120 radiator to fit in the case at the same time. the 3rd gen Cosmos black improved on my biggest grip of cable management space. I am glad to see the latest version refined it even more to accommodate all these options without having users to mod them. if I were to buy a case today for my water rig, this would be it.