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Aug 18, 2002
  1. Ok so Bill will send out his men to shoot me.
    I have given m$ too much of my precious life already.

    What I am trying to do is make a copy of a copy of xp office that has been altered to not require the imput of the codenos, I made a version using both nero cd copy and the built in xp roxio version via a copy to docs that will only work on the re-writer and not the normal cd.

    Also and more annoying, why will nero suddenly not copy music cds saying that they are protected. I dont want the original in my dirty car.
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    Whether or not we feel the same as you we "" can't condone stuff like this. Phant is right with that link, it can be done, just Techspot isn't going to be responsible for you doing anything illegal.
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    If you are making a backup of something you already own then that's fine.
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    Dont worry about me Im paid up and registered.
    The challenge was;
    My father in law lives in Cyprus, and out there you go to the video shop and they are all poor copies, as with M$ products.
    He has a copy doctored on loan but no cdwriter and asked me to make him a copy, when I could not I was puzzled. It will work in the cd writer but not a normal cd.

    I think clone cd may do it but I dont have a copy.
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