Corsair intros Vengeance K70, a revamped all-mechanical K60

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Mar 21, 2013
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  1. Corsair has updated last year's Vengeance K60 mechanical keyboard with an improved design that ought to make it more appealing. Although the K60 received relatively positive reviews for being solidly built and fairly feature packed, many buyers were deterred by...

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  2. Skidmarksdeluxe

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    Now this is more like it. The K60 was a decent 1st attempt but the lack of back lighting, ridiculous wrist rest & mixed key switch type was a real bummer for me. I'm pleased to see they addressed these short comings but I wish they'd stop ramming the cherry reds down our throats and offer it with different key types.
  3. I bought the K60 and the issues they fixed were not a problem to start with. The keys that were rubber domed Are used about 1% of the time on my keyboard I never used the small gaming sized wrist rest and although backlit keys are nices the look of the k60 is so awsome it suites to not have tacky led keys. If the price of the k70 is too high I would recommend getting a k60 best gaming keyboard I have ever owned specifically for games like sc2 and being master ranked I would know. The other problem people have with red keys only is a fair statement, although you can actually buy any type of keys you want and swap them out.
  4. TS-56336

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    Someone will eventually offer RGB backlit mechs, but there is still a much bigger market for membrane boards which cost a lot less and are much easier to backlight, as evidenced by Saitek, Razer and TT to name a few.
  5. The upgrades aren't all that great. The long wrist rest isn't needed unless you're using it solely for typing. Backlit keys are highly demand, for a reason I'm unsure of. I've been hearing they need it to see the keys, but if you're a real gamer, you wouldn't even need lights to know which keys you're pressing (Also the flashiness isn't even looked at 99% of the time). Rubber domes are fine on some of the keys, since it's never used.

    One upgrade that's pretty nice is the black finish, I would much prefer that.

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